body alignment

Why is body alignment important?

There are many ways you can damage your joints; sporting injury, acute trauma and chronic damage. Once joints are damaged, they cannot be restored to their former condition or health.  Surgery can help stabilise an injury and even delay further joint degeneration but unfortunately, the damage is done.

Do you suffer from any of the following?

  • back pain;
  • sciatica;
  • shoulder, hip, knee or ankle pain;
  • achilles tendonitis;
  • heel pain;
  • plantar fasciitis;
  • headaches; migraines or  vertigo.

The correct body alignment can rapidly reduce these symptoms.

Finch therapy can restore balance to the musculoskeletal system and this correct alignment rapidly releases any compressed nerves, joints and muscles creating the above symptoms.

Finch therapy provides you with a long-term result and correct alignment can be maintained for months and even years. As well as saving money by reducing visits to other practitioners, it also means that symptoms of pain are reduced and can disappear.  These long-term results make Finch therapy superior to other treatments currently available.

All it takes is four treatments and about 30 minutes a day of simple exercises over several weeks to actively realign your own body. To maintain good alignment we also recommend a follow-up treatment every four months.

If after correcting the alignment of the body (over 4 treatments), you find you are still presenting with symptoms we will provide advice and/or refer you to the appropriate health care professional.

Remember, the innovative and most important aspect of Finch therapy is its non-invasive approach and outcome of rapid results through the realignment of the musculoskeletal system.

Correcting your body alignment at a young age and maintaining it throughout your life is a great proactive health measure. We encourage parents to consider this from as young as six years of age.

If your body is out of alignment then the risk of injury to your joints and soft tissue significantly increases over time. Make an appointment today and set yourself on the path to achieving correct and balanced alignment and all the pain-free positives this will bring.