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What is Finch Therapy?

Haven’t heard of Finch therapy? So what is this treatment you ask?

Finch therapy is a corrective exercise program that realigns the body and restores balance to the musculoskeletal system.

The therapy was developed by Kym Finch. For over 15 years  Kim has practiced this therapy and trained hundreds of health care professionals including general practitioners, physiotherapists, osteopaths, chiropractors, podiatrists and remedial massage therapists. Currently, the majority of Finch therapists reside in Queensland.

Finch therapy is different to current treatments in the market.

Finch therapy aims to restore balance to the body. It achieves this by correcting the alignment of the body and concentrates on strengthening key muscles on the body’s weaker side which has caused the imbalance and associative pain or immobility.

Finch therapy is results focussed.

In addressing the diagnosed musculoskeletal imbalance, correct alignment is rapidly restored  and compressed nerves, joints and muscles are released instantly.  Most significantly, and this is the innovation of Finch therapy, the body is realigned without the need for manipulation, mobilisation or manual therapy.

Finch therapy is an active treatment in which patients are assessed and taught how to correct their own alignment through simple exercises and techniques.  In this, Finch therapy’s course of only four treatments and its non-invasive approach, results in a very cost-effective treatment with long-lasting results.

Finch therapy is 100% safe for all ages and genders.  Please see testimonials on our website and facebook page to read about our remarkable results from former patients.