Finch Therapy (Musculoskeletal therapy) – A simple corrective exercise program that restores balance to your body. It is easy, painless and provides long lasting results. A great preventive therapy that ensures your body is functioning at 100 per cent. How it works?

Remedial Massage – Beneficial for maintaining muscular health. Effective in treating tendinopathy/tendonitis, muscular adhesions and knots, and the impact of repetitive strain injuries. Treatment can include trigger point therapy, myofascial release techniques, and muscle release techniques.

Swedish/Relaxation – A relaxation massage using long flowing movements designed to increase oxygen flow and soothe the nervous system reducing emotional and physical stress.

Sports Massage – Appropriate whilst training for events and to assist the bodies recover after events.

Pregnancy Massage – Patients love our pregnancy bolster. A specialised, comfortable bed with a hole for your growing tummy helps to alleviate pain and aid circulation. Relax and allow our trained staff help you with those aches and pains.

Back Neck & Shoulder Massage – A therapeutic remedial massage to relieve neck tension from repetitive postural issues often related to work duties.



Finch therapy

Initial Consult & Treatment (60 minutes) $120.00 inc. GST

Standard Treatment (30-45 minutes) $80.00 inc. GST

Massage therapy (Remedial, Sports, Relaxation, or Pregnancy)

1hr Massage $80.00 inc. GST

1 & 1/2hr Massage $120.00 inc. GST

1/2hr Massage $50.00 inc. GST


Payment Options

We offer on-site health fund claims via Hi-Caps

VISA, Mastercard, EFTPOS and cash accepted as methods of payment for any gap.


Cancellation Policy

24hrs notice of any cancellation is kindly required. A 50% Late Cancellation/No Show fee will apply.

You can call 4268 4171 at any time of day or night and leave a message.

It is typical for our clients to feel dramatic pain relief after one treatment, others require a few treatments before going onto a maintenance program. Your treatment depends on the severity and nature of your condition and how your body responds to treatment.