Maintaining Good Health

Preventative health care measures are the key to long-term health. Being proactive and identifying medical issues early could save you pain, trauma and potentially thousands of dollars in medical expenses in the years ahead. It is never too late to start changing habits for the better!

We recommend three simple things you can do to maintain good health:

1. General health and wellbeing

An annual check up, or as recommended, with your GP. Talk to your GP about what issues are relevant for you. Your regular assessments could include:

  • blood analysis
  • skin cancer check ups
  • weight management
  • signs and symptoms of common health issues to look out for.

Talk your GP about the appropriate specialist to help with your health issues, ie, medical specialist or surgeon, dietician, counsellor, personal trainer, etc.  Many medical conditions may be prevented or better managed with good lifestyle choices.

2. Oral health

Attend six-monthly checkups with your dentist or oral hygienist to prevent cavities and decay. Maintaining good oral hygiene is important. Ask your dentist how to floss, brush your teeth and how to protect your teeth. Many of us were taught when we were young and are doing things out of habit instead of knowledge. A quick refresher is a good idea.

3. Musculoskeletal health

Good alignment will reduce chronic and acute injuries to your nerves, joints and muscles and will help to prevent the need for joint replacements and surgery later in life. Your body will experience less pain and more freedom of movement, generally making you feel better and with more energy.

Finch therapy is a therapy that provides an alignment outcome that lasts for months or even years. See a Finch therapist to ensure your musculoskeletal alignment is perfectly balanced and attend regular checkups.


It takes time to find the right professionals to help you change your lifestyle to a healthier one. You then have to absorb what they have taught you and put it into ACTION. It is not magic or an instant fix and, just like saving for a holiday or paying off a mortgage, it takes time to change your long term habits to healthier ones.