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The Effects Of Pain On Mental Health

Pain can be physically debilitating, and in time it mentally wears you down. Is this pain ever going to end? I can’t deal with this any more. What do I do, nothing is working? I just want to get rid of it!

Pain affects your physical, mental and emotional wellbeing.

It affects your whole body, energy levels and state of mind. You can feel anxious, depressed, flat and lethargic. Relationships with your family and friends can be affected. Living with pain can be very difficult and frustrating and you need to find the right health practitioners to help you.

It takes time for your body to heal and reduce inflammation and the journey of healing may take weeks or even months.  There is a logical process that GPs and specialists use to diagnose the likely causes of your pain. This may often be difficult to diagnose and there may be multiple causes. Patients are often still in pain despite their GP ruling out many serious medical conditions.

Poor alignment is a major cause of pain. Finch therapists use a strict testing protocol to accurately determine the causes of poor alignment, helping you and your GP quickly rule out a lot of musculoskeletal causes for pain, saving you time and money.  We recommend patients access Finch therapy which acts as a non invasive, conservative therapy which realigns the body by strengthening key muscles that are weak on one side of your body. After a course of approximately 4 treatments your body will be perfectly aligned.

Once back in alignment, the body needs some time to heal and reduce inflammation.

Physiotherapy, exercise therapists, remedial massage therapists and  personal trainers can then further assist a patient’s recovery by strengthening and stimulating the repair of muscular tissue.