About Finch Therapy

Seeking Pain Relief?

Finch Therapy is a highly effective and proven alternative for pain relief. Your consultation begins with a standardised assessment to identify muscular imbalances in the body.  We then design an easy corrective exercise program specifically tailored for each patient to restore and stabilise good alignment. Patients are actively involved in correcting and stabilising their own alignment using prescribed exercises, reducing the number of treatments, saving time and money.

A check-up each three months is recommended to help maintain a healthy musculoskeletal system.


Benefits Of Therapy
  • Easy and Simple
  • Non-invasive & Painless
  • Treatment Is Fully Clothed
  • Safe For Whole Family


We Can Treat
  • Back Pain
  • Sciatica
  • Hip & Knee Pain
  • Shoulder & Neck Pain
  • Headaches, Migraines , Vertigo
  • Bursitis
  • Shin Splints
  • Carpel Tunnel Syndrome


Haven’t heard of Finch therapy? So what is this treatment you ask?

Finch therapy is a corrective exercise program that realigns the body and restores balance to the musculoskeletal system.

The therapy was developed by Kym Finch. For over 20 years  Kim has practiced this therapy and trained hundreds of health care professionals including general practitioners, physiotherapists, osteopaths, chiropractors, podiatrists and remedial massage therapists. Currently, the majority of Finch therapists reside in Queensland. More about Kym Finch.


Finch therapy is different to current treatments in the market.

Finch therapy aims to restore balance to the body. It achieves this by correcting the alignment of the body and concentrates on strengthening key muscles on the body’s weaker side which has caused the imbalance and associative pain or immobility.


Finch therapy is results focussed.

In addressing the diagnosed musculoskeletal imbalance, correct alignment is rapidly restored  and compressed nerves, joints and muscles are released instantly.  Most significantly, and this is the innovation of Finch therapy, the body is realigned without the need for manipulation, mobilisation or manual therapy.

Finch therapy is an active treatment in which patients are assessed and taught how to correct their own alignment through simple exercises and techniques.  In this, Finch therapy’s course of only four treatments and its non-invasive approach, results in a very cost-effective treatment with long-lasting results.

Finch therapy is 100% safe for all ages and genders.  Please see testimonials on our website and facebook page to read about our remarkable results from former patients.



Q. I’ve tried several alternative pain therapies, is this different?

A. Finch Therapy is a unique treatment. We work on muscular imbalances and the majority of our patients experience a pain reduction before the end of their first session.

Q. How many visits will I need?

A. We recommend a minimum of 3 treatments on a weekly to fortnightly basis to complete the Finch therapy process. The patient will often require additional remedial massage help repair injured muscles.

Q. How long does a session/treatment take?

A. The initial consultation and treatment takes about 60 minutes to record the patient’s history and complete initial treatment. Follow up treatments take 30-45 minutes.

Q. How long until I notice results?

A. Some patients notice pain changes immediately as many of the major postural imbalances will be treated the first visit. As there are many triggers for pain and the practitioner needs to teach the patient how to do the exercises correctly to ensure the change is sustained. The treatment is a process of eliminating each muscular imbalance until there is nothing to treat. Over 80% of our patients find we can completely resolve their symptoms.

Q. Does Finch Therapy hurt?

A. No. The treatment is not painful and does not cause pain. In addition, no manipulation, mobilisation or manual therapy is required as part of this treatment.

Q. Do I have to take my clothes off for Finch Therapy treatment?

A. No, treatment is done fully clothed. Please wear loose comfortable clothes. To assess the pelvis a top and a bottom is preferable (ie: No Dresses or one piece clothing).

Q. Do I have to stop exercising or doing things?

A. NO. After each treatment the patient will be in better alignment so the patient should only feel better. We do recommend avoiding fast aggressive movements and anything that seems to cause pain until we can restore balance to the body.  Nothing the patient does will cause a change in their alignment if they are following our prescription.

 Q. I have Osteoporosis, is Finch Therapy a suitable alternative pain therapy for me?

A. YES. As no deep compressive work is required. This reduces significantly reduces the risk of fracture.

Q. I have Osteoarthritis or Rheumatoid arthritis. Can Finch Therapy help ?

A. Yes. By decreasing the amount of stress being placed on their joints, patients commonly experience significant reduction in inflammation and pain, improving the patients quality of life. Osteoarthritis and Rheumatoid arthritis are genetic/medical conditions that cannot be treated with any therapy.  By reducing inflammation Finch therapy can make your symptoms more manageable and can help reduce the amount of medication required.  If clients have any concerns they should consult their GP or Rheumatoligst.

Q. I am pregnant. Is Finch Therapy safe?

A. Yes, Finch therapy is 100% safe. Finch therapy essentially only strengthens muscles that are weak, similar to a light gym workout or going for a walk. If clients have any concerns they should consult their GP or specialist.

Q. Is Finch Therapy safe if I am undergoing treatment for cancer and other medical conditions?

A. Yes, Finch therapy 100% safe. Finch therapy essentially only strengthens muscles that are weak, similar to a light gym workout or going for a walk. If clients have any concerns they should consult their GP or specialist.

Q. I am an elite athlete. Can Finch therapy help my body perform better?

A. Definitely. By realigning the body we are reducing tension on muscles, joints, bones and nerve pathways. This makes the bodies movement more efficient and will result in improved sporting performance, improved recovery times and a reduction in injuries, particularly chronic injuries. This really does give you an advantage over competitors. Read more here.

Q. How can a muscle weakness or imbalance in one part of my body produce symptoms in another?

A. To answer this question you need to know about fascia. Fascia is the white connective tissue you see in red meat (for example, a piece of steak). Muscles are made up of 50-60% fascia. It provides form and tensile strength.

The human body has 640 muscles and it is said that 600 of them sit with in pockets of fascial slings.

So imagine a sheet of glad wrap with pockets of muscles. One muscle has a large impact on this fascial sling and if muscle weaknesses al it will load the rest of the glad wrap providing compression and tension on muscles, joints, bones and nerve pathways. Some of the fascial slings run from your head to your toes. These fascial slings have a major impact on your postural alignment causing muscle weaknesses and often pain if out of alignment.

Q. Once my body is in alignment, how is it maintained?

A. We recommend one check up each four months to identify any muscle weaknesses before symptoms develop. This pro-active approach can leave the client pain free from faulty alignment and reduces the risk of injury to nerves, joints and muscles.



Following are some of the reviews we’ve received from our clients following their treatment. You’ll notice a few recurring themes – good pain relief, long lasting results and better quality of life.

Seriously, wow, this is not a scam, it’s for real! I could barely walk into the clinic. After the most gentle but thorough assessment and tweaking I walked out with very little pain. I was given a few “exercises” to do at home (hmm, you hardly know you’re doing them). 4 (inexpensive) visits and I’m done. I just get better with each week. It’s so weird after years and years of physio and chiro to find this incredible relief. I’m 55 years old and have been unable to pick up my baby grandchildren without help since they were born, nor could I do normal day to day activities since 2008. I have my life back. My grandchildren have had sleepovers and stayed for 4 days. I’M EVEN DOING THE IRONING AGAIN 🙂 Thanks hardly seems enough but, thanks Scott and Glenn you’re amazing! SB

After many (expensive) visits to orthopaedic surgeons and neurosurgeons and being told basically to put up with my pain until a hip replacement could be done I bit the bullet and contacted Scott at his clinic. Imagine my surprise when after a thorough and very gentle assessment I found that 90% of my pain had ceased. After setting me a few exercises (so seriously easy) I was sent on my way. By the time I arrived at my son’s house an hour later I was able to bound up his stairs (actually forgot that I normally can’t) without any pain at all.. a few trial and errors (me doing the exercise too hard) over the next day or so and Bingo… so pain free, I some days forget to do the exercises … Thank you so much Scott for giving me back my quality of life.”

“I have been a regular remedial massage client of Scott Baines and Glenn Meadley for several years. I’m an elite level football referee and have at times struggled to manage a heavy training and game schedule in terms of muscle recovery and injury prevention. In late 2011, I was suffering from a recurrent hamstring complaint which physiotherapy and massage alone had proved unable to resolve. In three Finch therapy consultations with Scott, however, I have returned to my full training load for the first time in over six weeks without the slightest sign of the ongoing injury. Finch therapy appears to have helped significantly in targeting my long-term muscular imbalances and my performances have benefited as a result. MC

I’ve had a bad adductor/groin for more than 12 months, I play Oztag and go to the gym 4 times per week. I have had at least 10 massages and visited a phsyiotherapist at least 8 times with no results. After playing Oztag I would hardly be able to walk and would have a limp for a couple of days. I also could not run at the gym for at least 3-4 days afterwards.

I contacted Scott just about getting a massage, but he explained to me a new technique called Finch. I thought I would give this a go as nothing else had worked. I have had 4 sessions and I feel like a new person. I run freely at Oztag and have no pain after the game. At the gym people have commented how much faster I am running. I am 37 years old and now I am running like a 20 year old. RP

I have been consistently suffering lower back pain for the last 12mths. I have been to a physiotherapist, chiropractor, osteopath and have had regular massages which would only give me relief for a day or two. I bumped into a friend of mine at the Gym who told me about Scott and his new therapy. I thought why not sounds a bit strange but can’t hurt to give it a go. After one session with Scott I was back to running with no discomfort. After seeing Scott several times I have regained full flexibility and have no pain issues with my back or legs. For something that is so simple and easy I can’t believe Finch Therapy is not a common practice. I have three young children who are very active so I can’t thank Scott enough for what he has given back to me. Grumpy mummy has gone; I no longer have to deal with back pain. JS

I have been waiting to find someone to help me live without back pain leading to migraines for years. It has stopped me from living an active life. To live without taking Panadeine Forte will be fabulous. Keep up the good work. DF

I have suffered from neck and shoulder pain for at least 10 years and during this time have tried many therapies including chiropractic, osteopathy and physiotherapy to name a few with limited success. I tried Finch Therapy as I had nothing to lose and have found that Scott has been able to identify dysfunctions that are contributing to the pain and correct them using simple exercise that can be easily done at home. There is no manipulation or stretching as part of this therapy. I am now free of the tightness in the neck and shoulder and am pain free. CD

I have been suffering on and off with Sciatica pain in my left leg for many years. From March 2012 to the end of June 2012 sciatic pain has caused me much grief, interrupting my running program. I have tried Osteopathy, Chiropractic, Physiotherapy and various pain killers, all with limited success. Scott’s advertisement in the advertiser claiming a higher rate of success with sciatica inspired me to give it a try. It took 3 sessions of the Finch therapy exercises for the pain to disappear and for me to run pain free. Into my 6th session, I am basically pain free. I would certainly recommend the Finch therapy to anyone in chronic pain looking for relief.” BM
“Would like to thank Scott for getting me out of pain, you are God mate! I wouldn’t be this able without you 🙂 Thank you from the bottom of my heart 🙂 DB

 For many years I suffered from sciatica. After several different chiropractors, osteopaths, acupuncture, and other therapies I tried Scott and finch therapy. Today, I am pain free with 3 monthly check ups. I currently recommend Scott to anyone that I talk to with any type of pain issue. He has certainly held his end of the bargain getting most of his clients out of pain in 4 treatments, then 3 monthly checkups. What a result! MM

When I came to Scott in 2012, I was almost crippled. I am a 59 year old male and suffer from osteoarthritis in both knees and have a Baker’s Cyst behind the left. After 6 treatment sessions, with an exercise regime in between the Baker’s Cyst was reduced to a state that it no longer interfered with my movement. By treating other areas of the body, I now have pretty impressive mobility for a person with no cartilage in either knee. 12 months ago I needed a double knee replacement. Now my osteoarthritis is manageable and I don’t expect to need an operation in the foreseeable future. I continue to see Scott every 3 months for ongoing monitoring of my condition and this is an effective preventative. Thank you Scott. DD

I heard about finch therapy from a friend and as I had tried every treatment for my back pain I thought I would give this treatment a try. Scott was very professional and did some unobtrusive assessment on different areas of my body to decrease the pain and to improve my mobility. At the end of every treatment I was given some exercises to do at home which did not take a lot of my time, but obviously helped reinforce the treatment I was receiving from Scott in my visits. After about 5 visits I have definitely noticed an improvement in my level of pain and my mobility and would have no problem recommending this form of treatment. MY

I can thoroughly recommend Scott Baines’ Pain and Mobility Clinic. After nearly twenty years of intermittent and unpredictable back problems which left me fearful of any strenuous exercise. I am now strong and free of pain. At my first visit half my pain was gone and was moving freely after the second. Finch therapy is quick, easy, uncomplicated and covered by my health insurance. It has changed my life. DF

After experiencing back problems for a number of years and receiving physiotherapy during that time, I saw the Pain & Mobility Clinic advertisement in the local free paper. Having decided that I had nothing to lose I had 4 sessions. During this time my immobility had decreased and the excruciating pain had lessened to the point that was manageable with the exercises. Look forward to my follow-up appointment in 3 months to gauge how my body is in alignment. Would certainly recommend this non-invasive treatment. Many thanks Scott. LR

Since the birth of my child 18 months ago, I have experienced terrible pain in my hip. I tried physiotherapy for months with no success. That’s when I heard about Scott and how successful his new treatment was. I cannot recommend him enough, I have had no pain for months and I am now able to run and exercise with no pain. LC

I have suffered a debilitating soft tissue injury to my lower back area over a period of 6-8 months, which in turn has limited my flexibility and general range of movement. An avid club competition golfer, my handicap has ballooned from 8 out to 13 as a result of my inability to ‘follow through’ on my shots. I became interested in a modern approach to the treatment of soft tissue damage and associated biomechanical misalignment after viewing a recent advertisement on Channel 7. The advertisement highlights a modern approach to the treatment of such injuries called Finch Therapy, prompting me to make an appointment with qualified practitioner Scott. Several months down the track following the diagnosis and implementation of sets of simple exercises, my general flexibility has improved “out of sight”. The realignment process has been beneficial, pain easing and most rewarding. Rewarding in the fact that my handicap has tumbled down from 13 to 7 culminating in a recent competition round where I played to par.

Not bad for a 73 year old, eh! Take the challenge, ring Scott for an appointment and enjoy the smoothest and fullest of swings. RB

If you have back pain and you want to get rid of it, you must see Scott. If you have sciatic pains you want to lose, you must see Scott. If you suffer from a wide variety of skeletal and muscular problems that drag your life down, you must see Scott. I broke a lumbar vertebra playing rugby as a schoolboy some 40 years ago and I’ve had problems to a greater or lesser degree ever since. I’ve tried physios, osteopaths, chiropractors, masseurs, along with frames, special exercises, support cushions, shoe inserts and all sorts of other things, but over the last couple of decades, things have been getting continually worse and in the last couple of years my osteopath told me to cease running and cycling, two activities I used to love. Then I started seeing Scott. One month after my first visit I was cycling and running again, obviously not quite as I had been, but getting back into it. Six weeks after my first visit to him and I was cycling every day and a brisk walk or run every day. When I first met Scott and he outlined the treatment process, I was pretty sceptical. I’ve spent 40 years being treated for my condition, and knew, broadly, what to expect, so Scott’s approach seemed to be almost ridiculous, far too simple and too easy. And in my very first session, without any back cracking or heavy handed manipulation, no pain, no sweating and with seemingly no, or very little, effort from either one of us, Scott had realigned my pelvis and loosened my vertebrae. From that point on, I used to look forward to going to my sessions to see what other clever stuff he could do to help me.

I cannot recommend Scott Baines enough, I tell everyone I know to go and see him and I’ve told complete strangers all about it. He has given me back my active life. My son tells people I’m happier and you can be too. I’m feeling 10 years younger, I’m way more relaxed, I’m not in constant pain or discomfort and my life has improved. It’s as simple as that.
Thank you Scott. LC