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    Our business is now closed. Scott and family have relocated to the Sunshine Coast to pursue new opportunities. We wish you all the best and thank you for all your support over the years.

    Pain and Mobility Clinic Thirroul

    Musculoskeletal health is an important part of your wellbeing. Our aim is to help you improve your musculoskeletal health using natural and non-invasive treatments. We provide high quality treatments that are tailored to your needs and are designed to improve your quality of life. Our treatments have holistic benefits for your health and wellness.

    The Pain and Mobility clinic has been operating in Thirroul for over 12 years providing high quality treatments and have helped thousands of patients feel better by reducing pain and improving musculoskeletal health.

    Available treatments;

    Finch therapy (Musculoskeletal therapy) – A simple corrective exercise program that restores balance to your body. Finch therapy is highly effective treatment for reducing pain and inflammation. It is easy, painless and provides long lasting results. It is also a great preventive therapy that ensures your body is functioning at 100 per cent. How it works…


    Pain and Mobility Clinic specialises in Finch Therapy, a new ground-breaking treatment

    The Pain and Mobility Clinic helps patients with pain and mobility issues achieve long lasting results. By utilising this new therapy we actively restore balance to the body. This non-invasive therapy promotes optimal pelvic and spinal alignment without the need for manipulation, mobilisation or manual therapy.

    Finch Therapy Can Help You

    • Rapid Pain Relief
    • Correct Postural Alignment
    • Long Lasting Results
    • Maintain Your Health
    • Save Money

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    Finch Therapy Can Treat

    • Back Pain
    • Sciatica
    • Muscle & Joint Pain
    • Foot & Heel Pain
    • Headaches And Migraines

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    Finch Therapy Treatment Is

    • Non-invasive And Painless
    • Fully Clothed
    • Safe For The Whole Family
    • Covered by Private Health Funds
    • Tried, Tested and Proven

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    Our Practitioner…

    Scott Baines

    Scott Baines

    Scott Baines is the founder of Pain and Mobility Clinic and Senior Finch Therapist. He has extensive qualifications
        • 3rd Year Student Exercise and Sport Science, Central Queensland University
        • Qualified Finch Therapist
        • Diploma Remedial Massage
        • Stretch Therapist
        • Myofascial Release Therapist
        • Certificate III in Fitness
        • Advanced Trigger Point Therapy
        • Integrative Corrective Exercise Program Mediball
        • Student member Exercise Sport Science Australis (ESSA)
        • Association of Massage and Myotherapy Australia
        • 12yrs+ Clinical Practice

    Patient Survey

    We survey all our patients. Read the results to see how Finch Therapy has helped them.

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    If you have back pain and you want to get rid of it, you must see Scott. If you have sciatic pains you want to lose, you must see Scott. If you suffer from a wide variety of skeletal and muscular problems that drag your life down, you must see Scott.



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